We are proud announce that Cloudcoinz offers the lowest trading fee in India. Also unlike other Crypto exchanges we believe in simplicity and fair pricing. We offer a simple and effective pricing which will be beneficial to our valued users. Also our fees structure will be a welcome move for many beginners who wish to enter Crypto arena. So here is what we charge from our users for trading on our platform:

Currently we only Charge a fee of 0.60% for each transaction irrespective of volume. This is lowest trade fee across the Crypto industry and users can take advantage of this. If you are still confused? Check out the below example to learn how you will be charged.


  • Buying
    • User A buys 1BTC at a rate of 1BTC = 2,00,000
    • Then the charges that apply are:
    • Base Amount= 1BTC*2,00,000 = 2,00,000
    • Trade fee on Cloudcoinz is 0.60%
    • So 2,00,000*0.0060 = 1200 INR
    • So total amount payable by user A is 2,00,000+1200 = 2,01,200 INR
  • Selling
    • User A sells 2BTC at a rate of 1BTC= 2,00,000
    • The charges that apply are:
    • Base amount will be 2*2,00,000= 4,00,000 INR
    • Trade fee on Cloudcoinz is 0.60%
    • So 4,00,000*0.006=2400 INR
    • Total amount receivable is 4,00,000-2400=3,97,600