About Us

Everyone is fascinated about the word Cryptocurrency. But the most daunting task is managing crypto currency. In the world of Crypto things can drastically change at the blink of an eye and if you aren't not fast enough you may loose more. To play a safe game you need to be equipped with the right tools and this is where Cloudcoinz comes into picture.

Cloudcoinz is the world's simplest and easiest Cryptocurrency Management Suite that can handle everything associated with Cryptocurrency. Our intelligent and smart tool makes managing crypto as simple as playing a game you love. It is designed to tailor the needs of Indian users who are taking the basic footsteps into the great journey of Crypto.

Cloudcoinz is India's first versatile Crypto asset Management system that let's anyone to easily manage around 50 Cryptocurrencies. Cloudcoinz main aim is to address the problem that is being faced by Indians who are not able to buy/sell Bitcoin and it's other peers easily. Founded by a team of Crypto experts who entered the Crypto world back in it's inception.

At cloudcoinz you can easily Buy/Sell Crypto without any hassles and can easily keep an eye on the most volatile market. With our user-friendly tools you can simply grab a handful of popcorn and monitor the Crypto market. Make right decisions without getting confused.

Join our army of young Crypto players and reap your profits.